Friday, 3 April 2015


Easter weekend is the only time I wish my public holidays were automatic days off rather than bundled up with my annual leave. It's nice to have lots of days to play with but sometimes it feels hard to be going to work when everyone else is staying at home...

But, the weekend beckons and it looks like the weather isn't going to be too terrible so here are a few links to get it started:

These dreich Spring days are making me want this coat

Some reading for the weekend

I wish The Paris Review for Young Readers was real

Twelve Triangles just opened and I want to check it out very soon 

Bakery 47 and Mary's Milk Bar are collaborating for Easter

I've been listening to Electrelane again recently...

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


A year or so ago I had a conversation with a friend about writing, about magazines, about where we get our information, what's available, what's missing. I talked about Rookie and how good it is, and how right, and how awesome Tavi Gevinson is, and, how I thought there was room for a version for us, for women who wish Rookie had been around when they were teenagers. Of course, I thought 'that's an amazing idea, we should start that and it will be incredible' and in reality I did what I always do and popped it into the folder of unrealised ideas in my head and went to sit in an office to look at spreadsheets. Clearly I am not Tavi. But, thankfully, a group of women must have had a similar idea because yesterday they launched The Pool with music from John Hughes films and a Friday Night Lights recommendation. I like it already.

Speaking of which I was at home stuffed full of cold for the last two days and decided to finally start watching Nashville almost entirely because of my love for Tami Taylor. I'm now 10 episodes into season one and firmly hooked.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday, 23 January 2015


'I have to say—I got a feeling I am going to win in the long run, but I want to be part of the zeitgeist, too. I want to support young girls who are in their 20s now and tell them: You’re not just imagining things. It’s tough.'

So good, I can't wait to read more.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


I like making a few things to give people at Christmas, some years there's more, some years less. One year there were boxes packed with strawberry jam, chilli jelly, chutney, apple butter, and cookies, there were bags of granola and wrapped up loaves of gingerbread but in other years there has just been Christmas cake. This year it'll be something in between, the cake has been drinking up Calvados for a few weeks now and I finish work today so tomorrow will be spent pottering about at home, a little cleaning, a little baking, a little luxuriating in being off until the 5th.

Some of my favourite things to make... 

Bags of Christmas granola with cranberries, pecans, and maybe some warming spices. I like this, this, or this recipe.

A vanilla cake that will last for a few days and is perfect at any time.

A batch of cookies to share between friends and family. 

 Gingerbread - a batch can be baked into a few small loaf cases

And peppermint bark that I've always like the look of, maybe this year...

And, one last thing, just because...

Friday, 12 December 2014


I wasn't going to do a gift guide this year but it's so cold and I was thinking about things for staying warm and, well, here we are... Clockwise from top left: there's always room for another pair of wool socks, a large mug and some good hot chocolate to help you get through January, the softest jumper and the warmest mittens, a blanket to curl up under and a candle in lieu of an actual fire, and, finally, festive nails to brighten up the dullest of days.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


It was hard to leave Folegandros but it was Milos where we left our hearts. We swam every day, multiple times a day, driving from spot to spot; from Papafragas with rough swoops of cave creating tunnels to swim through; to Firaplaka with cliffs of soft pink rock, harder pieces of multicoloured stone nestled within; and, our favourite, Sarakiniko with its lunar landscape of white rock that curves and falls into the sea, with its shipwreck in the distance, that white rock making the water cloudy at first before suddenly opening out into deep water so clear you keep expecting to brush the floor with your feet. In the evenings we would sit with bottles of Mythos watching the sun set before walking to the village to sit at the restaurant where we would end up eating on three of our six nights; Greek salad, boiled greens, tomato fritters, octopus, seafood pasta, I want to go back.